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Hootcase sells more custom and sports-themed phone cases with an impressive ecommerce website.

Hootcase is a New Jersey- based provider of mobile device cases and accessories. They feature exclusive selections from various sports teams and players. Hootcase also offers special edition artist collections and custom designs.

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The Challenge

Hootcase is a leading New Jersey-based provider of custom mobile device cases. All products are American-made and produced right in their New Jersey facility. Their challenge came from the competition they faced with various knock-off brands around the world. Hootcase needed a comprehensive ecommerce website to both attract and retain customers their hard-earned customers.

The Plan

  • Design a site that was interactive without being too "busy".
  • Integrate the site into a Magento ecommerce platform to facilitate easy ordering and shipping.
  • Re-develop a 3D image customizer to allow for product customization.
  • Integrate mobile responsiveness to allow the site and product customizers to load across all platforms.
  • Increase in time on site 104%
  • Decrease in site load time 34%
  • Increase in mobile traffic 68%
  • Decrease in exit rate 30%
Hootcase Before & After Website Redesign
Hootcase Before & After Responsive Website Redesign Showcase
Hootcase improved website capaiblity for mobile friendliness
Hootcase provides mobile and laptop users with complete redesigned website w/mobile compatibility
Hootcase displays sport cases for mobile
Hootcase showcases multiple custom sports designs on their premium phone cases
Hootcase acquired an enhanced and comprehensive website
Hootcase obtained a fully integrated, attractive, and redesigned website from SmartSites

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