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Through four main courses, the SmartSites’ Shopify E-commerce Masterclasses will help e-commerce businesses to learn the best ways to acquire, convert, and retain customers, as well as how to optimize the customers’ experiences. Our current partners and sponsors are Microsoft, SocialBee, Smith.Ai, Clyde, ConvertCart, Attentive, Okendo, Spently, ReferralCandy, ShoppingGives, Tolstoy, Gorgias, and Usercentrics. With their boundless expertise, representatives from these participants will share knowledge from their individual areas of specialization. Continue reading to learn more about who they are, what they do, and the details about their sharing sessions!


As an advertising platform that has a reach of over 250 million unique users, Microsoft Advertising offers one of the largest advertising platforms. Using this platform, companies will be able to reach their relevant target audiences and build smarter customer journeys. Microsoft Advertising will help businesses to create successful online advertising campaigns through webcasts and videos, AI, targeted advertising, customer feedback platforms, and more. 

The sharing session by Microsoft Advertising will provide context about customer preferences and evolving retail priorities and share high-level retail solutions e-commerce businesses can use so they can utilize personalized marketing to acquire new customers and retain existing customers on their platforms.

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Founded in 2016, SocialBee is a social media management tool that provides services and training for businesses. They work with thousands of brands including Remax, Forbes, and Lenovo. The SocialBee software will help businesses across different advertising platforms to set up a posting schedule, recycle refreshed content, improve content organization and categorization, and more! SocialBee will make sharing content across multiple platforms much easier.

The spokesperson from SocialBee will share some tips and strategies on acquiring and retaining customers on different types of online platforms. Their innovative CDAA cycle will teach four different aspects such as content creation, content distribution, content analysis, and content amplification. This includes cross-checking keyword research to understand the clients’ intent, how different types of marketing can be integrated with social media for a comprehensive marketing strategy, and how Search Engine Optimization will help drive conversions.

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Smith.Ai provides superior call answering services to provide businesses with communication solutions. Their friendly, professional virtual receptionists will send texts, engage in web chats, answer calls, make outbound calls, book appointments, handle new customer intake, qualify leads, answer questions, and more! Businesses who work with Smith.Ai will be able to enjoy the 24/7 experience of a trained in-house receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

The sharing session by Smith.Ai will teach you how to solve leads getting stuck through AI-powered chatbots and chat agents on your Shopify store. Using a Live Chat system will provide your customers with proactive chats and personalized responses in an optimal time frame to maximize buyer behaviors and drive conversions. You’ll be able to use quality leads without wasting your marketing budgets since these leads will no longer get stuck on choices, questions, and prices. After this session, you’ll be able to maximize sales and increase revenue.

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Clyde helps digital businesses to own the product ownership business through product protection and extended warranties. By working with various insurance partners, Clyde will provide the best rates to customers and merchants, allowing them to own the full extended warranty, limited extended warranty, and registration experience.

In this sharing session, Clyde will show you how offering an extended warranty platform and accident protection on your store as part of the buying process can lead to better customer experiences. It will help businesses to convert more customers, leading to higher revenues and higher average order values for each product sold.

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ConverCart has helped more than 500+ e-commerce stores across 35 countries by helping them to deliver outstanding experiences to customers and build lasting relations with customers. ConvertCart helped online businesses to experience at least a 50% lift in conversion rates. This allows businesses to drive more revenue without breaking the bank to boost traffic-to-sales conversion rates in the process.

In this sharing session, ConvertCart will share five top optimization strategies from an expert marketer’s perspective so businesses can improve their conversion rates, in turn increasing revenue and ROI.

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Attentive changes the way e-commerce stores connect with their customers by providing high-quality text message marketing to deliver a superior customer experience. As a leading tech partner, Attentive will empower brands by using personalized text messaging to create meaningful interactions.

SMS is becoming the go-to growth channel for e-commerce as it has 99% open rates, 30% click-through rates, and 20x+ ROI. In this course, Attentive will share how to leverage SMS marketing by utilizing personalized messages to drive repeat purchases and improve the shopping experience for customers. This masterclass will teach participants how to evaluate SMS marketing platforms and programs to market effectively to customers, increasing conversion rates.

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As a business’s most powerful asset, customers and their reviews will help to drive business growth. Okendo is a leading customer reviews platform that helps over 3,7000 of Shopify’s direct-to-consumer brands such as SKIMs, Netflix and Bite to capture and showcase customer-generated content such as product reviews, ratings, Q&As, photos, and videos.

In this masterclass, Okendo will share their knowledge on how to collect high-impact reviews, maximize the impact of reviews, and how to include reviews as part of the buyer journey. Okendo will use real statistics and client experiences to prove how leveraging user-generated content, such as reviews, can lead to higher conversion rates. 

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Trusted by brands across 39 countries on Shopify and Shopify Plus, Spently helps brands such as Nudestix and Hat Heaven to leverage their transactional emails to drive repeat purchases and improve customer retention. Spently has generated over $75MM in revenue in 2020 for the 5000+ brands they work with. As a Shopify app, Spently is available in the app store.

In this masterclass, Spently will teach participants how to retain new and old customers through transactional emails. Through Spently’s services, businesses can utilize branded, data-driven, and personalized transactional emails to help you stand out among the competition. You’ll impress your customers and provide them with a unique customer experience catered to them. Other than the usage of transactional emails, Spently will also share key metrics businesses should look out for to grow their customer lifetime value. With their insights, you’ll be able to scale your business and drive revenue.

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Since its foundation in Singapore in 2010, ReferralCandy is a fast-growing company that has been helping more than 30,000 online shops to run referral marketing campaigns, helping them to acquire new and existing customers. Their unique services incentivize the referral process, including customers as part of the process through rewards. This customer-centric approach by ReferralCandy combines influencer marketing and referral marketing to help e-commerce stores to improve customer retention rates and stay ahead of the competition. ReferralCandy can be integrated with numerous e-commerce marketplaces to help businesses to generate more sales as well as build customer loyalty and brand awareness.

During ReferralCandy’s sharing session, you’ll be able to learn the effectiveness and benefits of word of mouth and referral marketing for eCommerce stores. By using referral marketing, eCommerce businesses will not only be able to retain old customers, but they will also be able to acquire new ones. You’ll be able to learn more about the types of referral rewards programs you can utilize as part of a customer-centric approach. This includes discounts, incentives, and other types of rewards. With this Referral Marketing 2.0 course, you’ll learn how to combine both influencer and referral marketing to maximize your customer base.

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As a Certified B Corp, ShoppingGives provides turn-key social impact solutions to help brands attract and engage consumers. It can help brands of any size, such as Kenneth Cole and Steve Madden, boost customer loyalty and lifetime value by providing native integrations and a fully managed donation process. With ShoppingGives, brands will be able to give back with ease, allowing them to appeal to socially conscious consumers.

In the masterclass, ShoppingGives will teach four different ways to increase customer retention, loyalty, and trust by using cause marketing. Cause marketing is a great way to engage socially conscious consumers by making a social impact. When you work with ShoppingGives, you’ll have access to exclusive donation data, native integrations, and a fully managed donation process. Since 71% of millennials pay more for a product or service if part of the proceeds goes to charity, engaging in cause marketing will help you to attract more consumers as an impactful brand retention strategy.

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Optimizing your store is incredibly important for e-commerce success. Regardless of your business goals, site, or audience, personalized experiences will be key in boosting sales and developing customer loyalty. Tolstoy is an online interactive video-building platform that helps e-commerce stores easily create videos so they can have face-to-face conversations with their customers. It can be placed anywhere, such as in an email, an app, or a website to provide a high-touch, personalized, and interactive experience for customers.

In this masterclass, Tolstoy will teach participants how to get personal with interactive videos to increase sales and customer loyalty. Using video conversations allows a one-on-one interaction with customers so businesses can gain valuable audience insights and build deeper connections. Tolstoy will walk you through the three key areas you need to focus on to optimize your website design. You need to build a brand using video, optimize conversions and sales with video, and personalize the user experience with interactive video. Together, they will help you to achieve long-term success through a higher-performing website and optimize for lead generation.

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Founded in 2015 in Paris, Gorgias is a top-rated e-commerce helpdesk that empowers all e-commerce retailers worldwide to deliver exceptional customer service, translating great customer experiences into profit. Gorgias will help to increase conversions by turning visitors into customers. Through efficient live chat, text, and social media support, businesses will be able to engage customers and encourage them to visit the website, unlocking sales. Gorgias can be integrated into three e-commerce marketplaces: BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

In this sharing session, Gorgias will teach participants how to optimize customer experience to achieve better customer retention and conversion. In order to deliver exceptional customer experiences, businesses have to personalize interactions with customers and offer more methods of customer service to provide a convenient, quick, and easy shopping experience. This can be improved upon through machine learning capabilities to provide a self-service chat. By the end of this sharing session, you’ll have a better idea of how to create a great in-store experience online and optimize your store operations. A pleasant shopping experience will lead to loyal, repeat customers and greater lifetime value.

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Usercentric is a market leader in enterprise consent management platforms (CMP). They will provide easy-to-implement, fully customizable solutions to help companies obtain, document, and manage the consent data of all their users across different types of platforms. This ensures that e-commerce merchants are legally compliant, minimizing legal risk, protecting advertising revenue, and boosting users’ trust. Usercentrics is available in the Shopify app store to allow seamless integration.

In this masterclass, Usercentrics will share with participants how to optimize a Shopify store by using their consent management platform to ensure that the store is GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD compliant. A consent management and data privacy strategy will build user trust and protect merchants against legal risks. You’ll be able to learn how compliance, customization, and building user trust are part and parcel of a strategy to improve the shopping experience for customers.

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Why Should You Join Our Shopify Masterclass Series?

A digital marketing strategy is key to acquiring, retaining, converting, and optimizing customers. When you sign up for the SmartSites’ E-Commerce Masterclasses, you’ll be able to learn from top industry leaders in their areas of specialization. Each sharing session hosted by SmartSites has been recorded and will be available for participants to view once they have submitted their information through the Masterclass link. You’ll be able to learn top industrial tips and gain insights into various aspects of e-commerce businesses from us and our partners. By using the knowledge and strategies gained, participants will be able to improve their own business by improving their online presence and marketing effectively, leading to more customers and higher revenues.  If you are interested in taking part in our e-commerce masterclasses, call SmartSites at (201) 870-6000 today!