4 Ways To Increase Customer Retention, Loyalty And Trust With Cause Marketing

Looking for an easy way to engage conscious consumers through social impact? ShoppingGives has you covered. Working with brands like Steve Madden and Kenneth Cole, ShoppingGives is helping brands of all sizes give back while boosting customer loyalty and lifetime value. Get access to native integrations, exclusive donation data, and a fully managed donation process so you can do good while doing well. As a Certified B Corp, ShoppingGives ensures that you’re covered by cause marketing regulation.

If are viewers are interested in learning more about ShoppingGives, feel free to visit shoppinggives.com/impact/smartsites or reach out to bastin@shoppinggives.com

ShoppingGives is the turn-key social impact solution for brands of all sizes to attract and engage today’s conscious consumers. With native integrations and a fully managed donation process, ShoppingGives equips your brand with everything you need to give back with ease while boosting customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Ben Astin is the Director of Partnerships at ShoppingGives, he has worked in the eCommerce sector for over 5 years and previously has experience in fundraising and sponsorship. He is originally from the United Kingdom, but has called the States his home since 2013.

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