Optimizing Customer Experience for Retention & Conversion

Marketing research shows that customer experience is what matters most through customer retention and lifetime value. But how can eCommerce stores deliver exceptional customer experiences as more shoppers shift online? Gorgias explains how to develop loyal, repeat customers by personalizing their interactions and offering various methods of customer service for a quick & easy experience. By the end of this episode you will learn how to optimize your store operations by creating an in-store experience online.

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Gorgias is the ecommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center. Their mission is to empower all merchants to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The Gorgias platform is built to increase conversions by turning visitors to shoppers, engage customers before they visit the website, and unlock sales from support through live chat, text and social media.

Nicole Baqai manages strategic partnerships for Gorgias in the East Coast Region of North America.
Prior to joining Gorgias, she worked at a technology and hospitality startup that was focused on reimagining the mini-bar and gift shops at hotels for the modern day traveler. She worked with a multitude of brands to engage them in both wholesale and retail opportunities whilst also launching their own online Shopify store and retail store at a world renowned boutique hotel chain in Los Angeles. She loves working with brands and helping them find automated solutions to drive brand-awareness and attract more consumers.

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