Keep Customers Coming Back And Drive Additional Revenue On Products Already Sold

Throughout this episode, Chloe Fisher Director of Partnerships at Clyde, explores how you can convert more customers by offering an extended warranty platform on your store. By offering such a solution to your customers, this allows you to increase revenue and average order value for each product you sell.

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Clyde encourages businesses to own the product ownership experience through extended warranties and product protection. Clyde works with various insurance partners to provide the strongest rates to merchants and customers. Their technology enables merchants and customers to own the full extended warranty, limited extended warranty and registration experience.

Chloe is the Director of Agency Partnerships at Clyde, where she works with digital agencies of all sizes to help them drive revenue for their merchants and increase the agency’s longevity of relationships with those brands. Originally working in ecommerce as an individual contributor within a startup sales organization, Chloe was bitten by the partnerships bug. Since then, she has spent the last several years working on small partnerships teams experiencing rapid growth in the ecommerce sector, where she’s seen more than 100% growth year over year. When she’s not working, Chloe can be found traveling, brewing craft beer, or spending time with her dog.

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