Workouts by ZZ Marketing

Transform Your Fitness Journey with Workouts by ZZ: Home Workouts Tailored for Busy Women

Workouts by ZZ is a fitness program designed for busy women, offering effective and accessible home workouts. Created by Zuzana, a mother of two, the program emphasizes short, intense workouts that require no equipment and are enjoyable. It provides a variety of exercises including ABS, TABATA, legs, and arms, accessible via an app or browser. Members can access ad-free, full-length 20-minute workout videos and a well-structured schedule to achieve fitness goals. The program is especially appealing for those who find it challenging to make time for gym workouts, offering flexibility and convenience for at-home exercise.

The Challenge

ZZ aimed to grow her brand as a fitness influencer, striving to gain a large following with free quick workout videos before launching her workout program. Despite her efforts, she struggled to attract a sizable audience. This limited her ability to establish a strong online presence and delaying her plans to monetize her content effectively.

The Plan

A targeted strategy was needed to create a consistent posting and boosting schedule for ZZ’s workout videos. This included utilizing trending music tailored to each platform. Our focus was on growing her follower count on TikTok and driving engagement on both Instagram and TikTok. By investing significantly in boost management, we aimed to enhance her visibility, attract new followers, and strengthen her brand as a fitness influencer.

See The Results

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