Fitness Kid Corp Marketing

Fitness Kid Corp

Fitness Kid offers indoor kids’ gyms to allow for exercise within your home. This product was created in Europe and was sold there for a few years before they decided to test the market within the U.S.

The Challenge

The main challenge faced by Fitness Kid was the niche nature of the product. Although it was a great product, many parents already have existing setups at home for their children to play in the backyard or opt to bring their children to parks instead. Fitness Kid would see an uptick in sales in the winter when consumers were more prone to being inside. To combat this, we implemented content that highlighted the benefits of having an indoor gym to allow children to have year-round fun while exercising. Due to the nature of the product, Fitness Kid has seen consistent increases in sales and traffic month over month through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Plan

Author compelling copy to highlight the benefits of indoor children’s gyms

Implement an ongoing content writing and link building strategy to increase overall site traffic

Run shopping ads and remarketing ads simultaneously to capture sales and brand awareness at the same time

Implement responsive and flexible bidding strategy to cater to changes in return on ad spend

See The Results

999%Increase in Conversions
999%Decrease in CPC
999%Increase in click through rate