Coldie Holdie Marketing

Coldie Holdie optimizes conversion rates via monthly email campaigns, automated email sequences, and abandoned cart recovery.

Coldie Holdie provides pre-printed and customized koozees for a wide variety of occasions, most notably weddings and bridal parties. The team can create customized designs upon request, taking into consideration each customer’s unique vision, budget and preferences.

The Challenge

Coldie Holdie needed a well-thought-out strategy to increase organic traffic to their website after launching a PPC campaign that showed promising preliminary results. Although they had a well-designed and user-friendly website, they were having trouble attracting organic leads due to a lack of focus on keywords and a failure to leverage fully on email and content marketing. Coldie Holdie’s custom products also experienced frequent Google suspensions. These issues significantly slowed down their campaigns’ progress. They also lacked an adequate conversion funnel. They were acquiring customers across Facebook and Google without focusing on retention. The lack of an omnichannel approach meant that there were missed opportunities.

The Plan

SmartSites’ SEO experts started link building throughout Coldie Holdie’s website and recommended blog posts to be uploaded weekly. In addition, our CRO specialists ensured that email subscribers received new content straight to their inboxes regularly and employed automated email sequences to welcome new subscribers, check up on abandoned carts, and encourage repeat purchases. The goal was to create an omnichannel that unified on-site optimizations with paid ad campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook, and Pinterest. This way, Coldie Holdie continued driving sales and transforming site visitors into returning buyers.

In addition to implementing upper and lower funnels, Coldie Holdie needed to focus on performance branding. SmartSites helped refreshed their ads and email campaigns by better incorporating their logo and brand name. Our team continued measuring lifts in branded search volume on Google MoM and maintaining MER on Paid Social channels. Last but not least, SmartSites utilized Google PLAs and remarketing campaigns to capture and convert prospects on the lower end of the funnel.

See The Results

999%Increase in Conversions
999%Decrease in CPC
999%Increase in click through rate