Medi Corp Marketing

Medi-corp, Inc. supports more growing medical practices across the country with geo-targeted PPC campaign.

Medi-Corp is a medical management, billing, and medical software development company. With over 30 years of industry experience, they provide affordable solutions for physicians, surgical centers, and anesthesiologists across the continental United States.

The Challenge

Medi-Corp, Inc. sells medical billing services to physicians’ billing offices. This extremely specific service is not only difficult to sell on its own; it’s also hard to advertise and market. The Medi-Corp team sought out SmartSites’ help to promote their overall brand, their solutions, and all that they offer to healthcare providers.

The Plan

Research and understand the ins and outs of medical billing industry

Set up geographically-targeted paid search campaign

Run ongoing optimization of the campaign

Negative keywords to acquire more active customers instead of individuals requesting help with personal medical bills

See The Results

999%Increase in Conversions
999%Decrease in CPC
999%Increase in click through rate