Ethos Spa Skin and Laser Marketing

Ethos Spa performs more beauty treatments with an exquisite new web design, search engine optimization, and a Google Adwords campaign.

Ethos Spa is a small business located in New Jersey. Owned and operated by Dr. Hardik Soni, Ethos Spa and its team of professionals are committed to providing their clients with the safest, most effective aesthetic procedures. Cosmetic services include Botox, acne treatment and laser hair removal. Ethos Spa utilizes the latest advances in non-invasive cosmetic treatments and technologies.

The Challenge

Dr. Soni previously had difficulty gaining quality website traffic and acquiring leads from the people visiting the website. The industry that serves cosmetic procedures in New Jersey is highly competitive, and SmartSites therefore knew that improving Dr. Soni’s rankings would not be an easy task. With hot-ticket terms such as Botox, acne treatment, and laser hair removal, SmartSites had to be strategic with their methods for providing long-lasting results.

The Plan

Redesign the website for the “wow effect” and implement clear call to actions.

Rethink the site navigation and overall structure.

Migrate to a WordPress CMS.

Research and select keywords.

Write content for selected keywords.

Implement onsite SEO optimizations.

Write weekly blog posts.

Publish press releases.

Manage a pay-per-click campaign through Google Adwords.

Run a link building campaign to increase search rankings.

See The Results

999%Increase in Conversions
999%Decrease in CPC
999%Increase in click through rate