Ancestral Supplements Marketing

Ancestral Supplements secures more repeat purchases and increase their revenue through personalized email and SMS campaigns.

Ancestral Supplements was founded to help individuals restore their strength, health, and happiness by returning to ancestral living. The company wanted people to embrace the ancestral lifestyle; allow customers to live the healthiest versions of themselves; and give them easy access to the best, most nutrient-dense foods on the planet in a simple, consumable way. While the journey to unlocking one’s full primal potential can be challenging, Ancestral Supplements provides the guidance and support their customers’ need to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

The Challenge

Ancestral Supplements has managed to consistently achieve their sales targets, but they realized that consumer expectations were also rising along with the cost of attracting them. The supplements company did not want to continue pouring resources into new customer acquisition without a robust retention strategy in place to drive repeat purchases.

The Plan

SmartSites conducted a thorough analysis and identified abandoned carts as one of the major causes of stagnated sales. We recommended that Ancestral Supplements started recovering abandoned shopping carts via monthly email and SMS campaigns. The goal was to reach out to customers who were genuinely interested in buying Ancestral Supplements’ products and remind them to complete their purchases. In addition to reducing cart abandonment, SmartSites revamped Ancestral Supplements’ sign-up forms and set up automated email sequences to welcome new subscribers and winback previous customers.

See The Results

999%Increase in Conversions
999%Decrease in CPC
999%Increase in click through rate