Diamond Home Sales Marketing

Diamond Home Sales: Building Dreams from the Ground Up

Diamond Home Sales, encompassing Diamond Home Setting and Diamond Modular Sales, specializes in providing comprehensive services for manufactured and modular homes. As a HUD-certified dealer, they serve clients across several states, including Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Their expertise spans from property development and home transport to construction and setting up homes. They are committed to delivering high-quality work in all project phases, ensuring professional results in home setting, transport, re-leveling, and more. Diamond Home Sales offers a full range of services to support the dream home journey, from finding and financing property to delivering and constructing the home. With in-house realtors and mortgage solutions, they streamline the process, making it easier for families and individuals to own unique and well-crafted living spaces.

The Challenge

Diamond Home Sales couldn’t maintain a consistent social media posting schedule, which negatively impacted their ability to promote their brand effectively and grow their online presence. The inconsistency in their social media activity made it difficult to engage their audience and showcase their real estate offerings, hindering their potential to attract new clients.

The Plan

We planned to establish a strong online presence for Diamond Home Sales by creating a consistent social media posting schedule. This involved developing a content calendar featuring high-quality visuals, engaging captions, and timely updates about new listings and real estate trends. Additionally, we aimed to boost their organic reach by leveraging platform-specific strategies and encouraging audience interaction to build a loyal following.

See The Results

999%Increase in Conversions
999%Decrease in CPC
999%Increase in click through rate