Essential Marketing Tools & Resources For Entrepreneurs

May 16th, 2023
Matthew Prepis, Chief Sales Officer - SmartSites Matthew Prepis Chief Sales Officer

There are so many challenges that come with starting and running a business. Your website and marketing technology should be considered early.

In this webinar, we’ll talk through the most essential marketing tools and resources entrepreneurs and business owners must consider when building a new online presence — including websites, CRMs, forms, plugins, and privacy.

Raffaele Riconosciuto, Director of Marketing at, and Matthew Prepis, Chief Sales Officer at SmartSites, join host Tom Armitage, Senior Marketing Manager at, for the discussion.

You’ll learn:

– How to develop a digital marketing strategy

– Things to consider when launching a brand online

– User experience best practices to drive more leads

– Building websites with SEO in mind

– Choosing the right automation tools