Drive New Holiday Customers & Keep Them Coming Back

November 11, 2021 Spently
Matthew Prepis, Chief Sales Officer - SmartSites Matthew Prepis Chief Sales Officer
Vincent Panepinto, Founder. Revenue Leader. Advisor Vincent Panepinto Founder. Revenue Leader. Advisor

Acquiring new customers during the holiday shopping season is a big focus for eCommerce brands, but did you know that most customers acquired during BFCM are one-time buyers?
64% of businesses report that customers acquired during BFCM have a lower lifetime value than shoppers acquired at any other time. Don’t miss this session with Matthew Prepis, Director of Business Development at SmartSites and Vincent Panepinto, Co-Founder of Spently to learn to drive more customers and how to avoid becoming a statistic and boost repeat repurchases from holiday shoppers.