Digital Marketing Workshop

November 9, 2022 NIADA BHPH Super Forum
Alex Melen, Co-Founder SmartSites Alex Melen Co-Founder

During this half-day workshop, you will review the fundamentals of a digital marketing strategy, including choosing your digital marketing tools, implementing best practices, and building a plan to track, measure, adjust & optimize. Using templates, you will define your strategy using a proven framework, clearly identify your target audience, determine which tactics you will use to meet your objectives, and establish relevant KPIs to track performance. You will learn about the various types of digital ads, how digital ads are bought, and determine which platform best fits your business, target audience, and budget. Plus, you will review KPIs specific to your strategy, which you will use to measure your performance and hold third parties accountable. Finally, our industry experts will share pro tips on how to build an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. We will cover differentiating between different parts of Google search results and different parts of SEO. We will also cover techniques to reverse engineer your competitor’s SEO strategies and build an SEO blueprint that will bring you organic search traffic.