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PPC Marketing Results

A-Absolute Plumbing

A-Absolute Plumbing
  • 43% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion
  • 75% Increase in Total Conversion
  • 49% Increase CTR

Global Gold & Silver

Global Gold and Silver
  • 56% Increase In Conversions
  • 45% Decrease In Cost Per Conversion
  • 52% Decrease In Cost Per Click

Long Island Carpet Cleaners

Long Island Carpet
  • 64% Increase In Conversions
  • 53% Decrease In Cost Per Conversion
  • 24% Increase In Click Through Rate
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Why Choose SmartSites for PPC Marketing

Pay for Profitable Clicks

Pay for Profitable Clicks

Optimize your PPC marketing campaigns with well-researched and targeted keywords and search terms.

Talented PPC Marketing Team

Talented PPC Marketing Team

Our PPC specialists possess many years of experience handling PPC campaigns for a wide spectrum of businesses.

We're the Best in the Field

We're the Best in the Field

Our PPC specialists are good at what they do. That’s why we are rated in the top 2% of all Google Partner agencies.

Brilliant Reviews

Brilliant Reviews

We are constantly creating customer satisfaction by delivering stellar PPC marketing solutions.

PPC Marketing Benefit Small Businesses

PPC Marketing Benefit Small Businesses

PPC is not only for major corporations! Small businesses can also benefit from running PPC marketing campaigns.

Make the Most of Your PPC Ad Spend

Make the Most of Your PPC Ad Spend

You deserve better. Let SmartSites help ensure that your PPC ad spend produces the conversions you need.

Optimized from Click to Close

Optimized from Click to Close

Our team analyzes and tests every aspect of your campaign to rigorously optimize it.

Enjoy Complete Peace of Mind

Enjoy Complete Peace of Mind

Your PPC ads are being managed by PPC specialists and certified Google AdWords experts.

Transparency & Honesty

Transparency & Honesty

Our company has nothing to hide. We believe that our clients have the right to know what is happening in your PPC campaigns.

Stunning Results

Stunning Results

We have produced killer results for hundreds of clients. You might have already seen our work in action!

Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting

We make it extremely easy for our clients to track the performance of their PPC ads via monthly reports and meetings.

Tailored Package

Tailored Package

No two businesses are alike. That’s why we utilize a personalized approach to help achieve your PPC goals.

Top Star Star Star Star Star Rated PPC Management

Clients rave about our fantastic results, both with delivering ROI and also customer service. We strive to deliver the best results for your business.

Foundation Flooring Banner
Matthew Jorgensen

Matthew Jorgensen, Owner Foundation Flooring

I started using [SmartSites] the last 6 months of the year and my entire business grew by over 30% from one year to the next.

Lifestyle Directives Group
Shari Wasserman
Lifestyle Directives Group Logo

Shari Wasserman, President Lifestyle Directives Group

Being a new E-Commerce business since 2016; growing my business slow and steady with SmartSites is by far one of the wisest choices that I have made!

Velocity Moving
Ofer Sharon

Ofer Sharon, Owner Velocity Moving & Storage

Since we started working with them on our PPC campaign our company have seen great results and was able to generate more business.

Tara Banner
Tara Callan
Mhf Logo

Tara Callan, Social Media Master Holistic Formulations

Hired SmartSites to do some Adwords for my company and they were really able to deliver great results.

A & A Coatings Banner
A & A Coatings Logo

Richard Brunhouse, Vice President A & A Coatings

I highly and personally recommend SmartSites to anyone who is in the market for the services that they offer.

B Floral Banner
Claudia Kiss

Claudia Kiss, Marketing & Public Relations B Floral

We saw a big ROI the very first month of working with them. New leads and business were created via our SEO and PPC efforts!

Google Channel Partners

Google Channel Partners

Trust a top-tier Google Partner
agency to get the most out of your
AdWords budget

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Work With The Industry's Best

We are rated in the top 2% of all Google Partner agencies for performance and customer service. Our PPC Specialists are some of the best in the industry and specialize in helping you grow your business.

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How SmartSites PerformsPPC Marketing

If You Are Looking To Grow Your Business With The Help Of PPC Marketing, We Can Create The Perfect Campaign For You.

PPC stands for pay per click. If you’ve ever searched for anything on Google or Bing, you will have noticed the ads at the top of the search engine vying for your attention; in fact, you may have clicked on one or two of them yourself. Those are pay per click marketing ads and they are driving results for the businesses that have chosen that category of marketing.

Firstly, you undertake keyword research to ensure you have the kinds of keywords that people are searching for on Google and that those keywords are relative to your business. You can then set up a marketing campaign targeted at people using those search terms. Some of the keywords are highly competitive, so expect to pay a different rate per keyword. You can specify how much you want to pay for which keywords, but a lower bid will result in a lower ad position. You specify a total budget and once your ad goes live it will be amongst the ads at the top of the Google page for the search term being used. You only pay once someone clicks on your ad.

If PPC marketing guaranteed results, everyone would use it. That is where your research comes into play. PPC marketing is a very finely-honed art and can take a long time to master. Our team can help create some estimates in regards to impressions, clicks, and conversions or do a free audit of your current campaign.

Yes, marketing is our passion and our expertise. We can help you get the best for your business. As part of being a Google Partner, we are constantly held to high standards in terms of performance and customer satisfaction.

Yes, they are. Our team uses a mix of leads and sales tracking technology to gather the information everyone needs. From there, we will optimize your campaign based on that data. We can break down the monthly reports in terms of impressions, clicks, cost, click through rate, and most importantly conversions. If you need further analysis, your PPC analyst will be happy to pull any numbers.

You are most welcomed to schedule an initial consultation with our team or request a free PPC audit. Simply give us a call at 201-870-6000 or send an email to contact@smartsites.com.

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