Access your reports anywhere, anytime

Customized reporting allows you to view your campaign stats, anytime and anywhere. Own your account and gain full transparency into optimizations and valuable metrics.

Call recording and analytics

We utilize 3rd party solutions to ensure that we are driving quality leads and prospects. We will segment each campaign to understand where your leads are coming from and help you better understand their questions and concerns.

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Benefits of Local PPC

Local PPC Benefits: Get a higher return

Build brand awareness

Allow audiences to see your brand regularly over time and ensure they familiarize themselves with your brand.

Local PPC Benefits: Build brand awareness

Target the right audience

Get more from ad spend by focusing on the local geographic area that you serve.

Local PPC Benefits: Target the right audience

Get a higher return

Compared to national PPC, face fewer competitors and win top ad spots.

Take advantage of our comprehensive local PPC services

At SmartSites, our PPC marketing team can handle all aspects of your local PPC activities, including:

  • Give your business the exposure it needs to increase visibility in a certain marketplace.
  • Set up and manage profitable local PPC campaigns.
  • Reconnect with visitors who have visited your website or local business before.
  • Track valuable insights on customer actions and discover opportunities that drive conversions.

You will ❤️ your PPC results