Find and engage your customers across all markets

We utilize keyword, placement and topic targeting to better reach your customers. Affinity and custom intent audiences offer superior targeting capabilities, allowing you to better market your brand.

We offer data-driven solutions

We allow you to better optimize your campaigns by leveraging data across multiple industries and platforms. We will help you segment your campaigns by device, age, gender, income level and other pertinent data points to better reach your target audience.

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Benefits of Display Advertising

Display Advertising Benefits: Elevate your brand with attractive visuals

Elevate your brand with attractive visuals

Display ads and images will be designed to the style of your brand and business.


Reinforce your brand and bring them back

Retarget audiences who have already been exposed to your brand.


Expand your brand and close the deal

Target via placement, demographics, lookalikes, and more. Drive users to action..

Expand your business moat and distance yourself from competitors with intelligent display advertising solutions

At SmartSites, our paid advertising team can manage all aspects of your display advertising, including:

  • Determine which websites and/or audiences are most effective for your campaign.
  • Create animated, interactive,static, and expanding ads.
  • Create compelling ad copy and optimizing CTA buttons to entice viewers and secure clicks.
  • Conduct A/B tests to determine overall effectiveness of display ads.

You will ❤️ your PPC results