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Sponsored products appear in search results and on product pages. Choose the products you want to advertise, decide which keywords you want to target and how much you want to bid for clicks.

Each month more than 197 million people visit

Choose the ad type that works best for you

You can do more than just sponsor your products and boost brand awareness. By utilizing display, video, and custom ads to promote your brand across the Amazon platform, you can drive users directly to your website.

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Benefits of Amazon Ads Management

Amazon Ads Management Benefits: Measurable results

Measurable results

Measure and optimize your Amazon ads to drive success.

Amazon Ads Management Benefits: Improve ranking on Amazon

Improve ranking on Amazon

Achieve a higher rank for your products on the ad platform.

Amazon Ads Management Benefits: Connect with interested buyers

Connect with interested buyers

More sales leads to increased profit!

Take advantage of the fastest growing platform through our holistic Amazon ads management services

At SmartSites, our PPC marketing team can handle all aspects of your Amazon ads management, including:

  • Utilize all the Amazon Advertising has to offer to achieve your marketing goals.
  • Help clients lower their ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale).
  • Plan and develop a brand-centric experience.
  • Promote your Amazon FBA products, or anything else, through Amazon advertising.
  • Utilize data-driven strategies to increase market share and sales.

You will ❤️ your PPC results