Benefits of SmartSites + Live Chat

Install a Smith.ai Chat widget on your SmartSites website in a few simple steps. Whether you have a simple site or hundreds of landing pages, you can easily set it up with live staffed chat or an AI chatbot — both of which can assist your web visitors and, ultimately, capture more new leads.

Streamline new client intake

Smith.ai can offer your business lead screening and intake. Whether the lead comes in via the Smith.ai website chat or lead form on your SmartSites website, Smith.ai can qualify and intake leads, turning them into new clients. 

Smith.ai virtual receptionists pre-qualify leads

We’ll perform new client intake plus vet potential leads for you, passing along only qualified contacts. No more time wasted on the wrong kind of leads that waste your time or bottleneck your business process. Our lead qualification services take care of that for you.

Less time wasted

You know more about your leads faster when we gather contact or business-specific information using SmartSites. When Smith.ai live chat agents gather all the information on the first chat, that means your staff isn’t tied up — improving the customer experience while saving your team time.

We play well with SmartSites

Smith.ai’s website chat integrates seamlessly into your SmartSites’ website, no matter if it’s built on WordPress or Magneto. Custom coding is not required! You can set your chat widget’s colors and branding to match your site or stand out. Furthermore, your widget can be added to certain pages only, or every page sitewide. Smith.ai and SmartSites will do the heavy lifting for you.

Around-the-clock coverage

Our friendly, professional, live agents (and the AI chatbot) are available to answer questions & qualify leads 24/7.




$100 off first month Code: SMARTSITES


We are platform agnostic for a full list of our integrations, go to: https://smith.ai/integrations


Virtual Receptionists - Our live, North America-based virtual receptionists capture & qualify leads, book new clients, and build better relationships with your existing clients, 24/7. Live-Staffed Chat - New potential clients don't just call — chats and messages are the fastest-growing sales channel. Smith.ai answers website chats, texts, and social messages to unify sales communications under a single provider. AI Chatbot - Smith.ai offers a free AI chatbot that automatically captures, screens, and converts leads visiting your website. Outreach Campaigns - Smith.ai receptionists make calls on your behalf, improving your speed-to-lead and unburdening staff who need to reach out to clients. We'll call back online leads who complete web forms, contact donors for donation renewals, chase down payments on unpaid invoices, and more. We'll even send follow-up emails and texts after every call to ensure a connection is made. Learn more.

I was skeptical. But in that first week alone we got 20 new leads, 3 bought $1,000 products, and I paid for my entire year of service in that one week. JORGE MORALES | SPECIALIZED ECU REPAIR


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SmartSites Partner Reviews: Smith.ai Virtual Receptionist & Live Chat

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Mike's Smith.AI Review - SmartSites Partners