SocialBee is a social media management tool that empowers its users to share content across multiple social networks from one place.

Using such a tool, you’re able to set a posting schedule, have content shared as planned, and then analyze the performance of your accounts.

🎨 Use our Canva, Unsplash, and GIPHY integrations to design your posts right inside SocialBee.
📦 Structure your content into categories to obtain a solid & balanced mix.
📄 Connect the RSS Feed of any blog to import content automatically.
✍️ Customize the posts for each social media network individually.
🪄 Automatically generate hashtags based on your images or caption.
🔄 Recycle evergreen posts or expire time-sensitive content easily.
🗓 Set up a posting schedule for all your profiles.
👩‍💻 Have multiple workspaces and team collaboration features.
📈 Track your links’ performance with over 5+ URL Shorteners integrations.
🧐 Analyze the performance of your accounts.



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