Trumpia is the leading SMS automation company. Trumpia was founded in 2006 and has grown into a dynamic company with over 80 passionate employees. Trumpia has over 140,000 resellers and customers, and they send billions of messages every year. Our platform has been used across different industries (many of which are Fortune 500s) ranging from automotive manufacturers, software companies, universities, nonprofit organizations, government organizations (like FEMA), and even the biggest churches in America.

Trumpia’s flagship product is an automated workflow builder called Trumpia Workbench. It is designed to help you engage customers at every step of their personalized journey. You will maximize revenue, customer engagement, and employee satisfaction. Workbench’s ability to create customized workflows without coding increases productivity and simplifies powerful workflows with drag-and-drop technology.

In 2022, Forbes Advisor named Trumpia as one of the top mass texting services in the country, and Trumpia has been featured on CNN for its creative text-to-shelter application for FEMA.





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