Sezzle is a fintech company on a mission to financially empower the next generation. Sezzle’s payment platform increases the purchasing power for millions of consumers by offering a suite of financing solutions for cart sizes from $35 to $25,000 at online stores and in-store locations. When consumers apply, approval is instant, and their credit scores are not impacted, unless the consumer elects to opt-in to a credit-building feature, called Sezzle Up.



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No interest, no fees, 24/7 customer support, credit builder

In finding an installment payments partner, Altitude Sports set a very high bar and Sezzle stepped up to the challenge. We were pleased with Sezzle's technology and people. Sezzle is a real innovator and we are confident that this is the beginning of a long-term, fruitful relationship. Alexandre Guimond, Co-CEO of Altitude Sports