Pantastic gives independent brands superpowers to compete in today’s competitive ecommerce environment. We offer a suite of solutions that optimize and enhance each step of the shopper’s journey. Pantastic Apps includes: CartHook increases average order value (AOV) with high-converting post-purchase offers. LimeSpot is an industry-leading AI-powered ecommerce personalization app that improves the buying experience. UpOrder increases repeat sales by improving Shopify transactional emails.



Shopify, ShopifyPlus, BigCommerce


Personalized recommendation boxes,Custom content by audience segment, Post-purchase funnels based on purchase behavior and product criteria, Launch in minutes, Full branded notification emails, Unique discount codes.


14-day free trials for LimeSpot and CartHook. Free to install for UpOrder.

We’ve always had a great PDP conversion rate, but when customers interact with LimeSpot’s recommendations blocks we see a jump of up to 14.5%, a huge lift for something that’s so easy to install and implement. Adam Bshero, VP Digital of Beekman 1802