Digital PR for brands to spread their reach and connect to their audiences

SmartSites will help to draft and distribute your press release. Achieve quality links and placements that you can leverage in your own marketing efforts.

Over 90% of journalists said press releases were their #1 way of finding stories.

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Benefits of Digital PR

Digital PR Benefits: Enhance social engagement

Enhance social engagement

Strike up meaningful conversations with your target audience and share campaigns that hook their interests.

Digital PR Benefits: Complement existing SEO campaigns

Complement existing SEO campaigns

Proper digital PR tactics can help open new doors for increasing leads and business opportunities.

Digital PR Benefits: Increase leads and sales

Increase leads and sales

Getting one's brand featured frequently on influential publications can help generate leads from an interested target audience and more sales!

Press release distribution

Have something newsworthy? We will write and distribute a press release for your company. Get featured on top national and local news sites.

Scotland Breaking News
Digital Press Release on Google
Press release on Bing
The Kansas City Crier
The Miami Tide
The Minneapolis Messenger
The Nashville record
Our Finance Daily
The Salinas Sun
The San Bernardino Breeze
The San Antonio Star
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Tristate Daily
Our Finance Daily
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WALES Breaking News
The BaltimoreBanner
The Columbus Daily Crier

Don’t miss an opportunity with our comprehensive digital PR services

At SmartSites, our organic Search Engine Optimization team can handle all aspects of your digital PR activities, including:

  • Working with social media influencers and bloggers to increase outreach.
  • Creating valuable content that helps earn high-quality backlinks and gain a wider reputation.
  • Monitoring and managing online reviews and testimonials.
  • Writing and publishing press releases.

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