Zach Everett

Senior PPC Analyst, eCommerce Lead

Hillsdale, New Jersey
Manhattan College
  • Cooking
  • Live Music
  • Football
  • Craft Beer
Get To Know Zach

Landscaping with my next door neighbor as a teenager. The hot and humid New Jersey summers didn’t make it easy, but we always found a way to finish the work and have fun doing it.

South Park! If you can get past the vulgarity the show is actually pretty insightful. I’m often surprised at how their episodes remain relevant 20 years after being first aired.

I can’t live without YouTube. Recipes, tutorials, podcasts, and reviews. It’s an incredible learning tool.

Creating an AOL account to email and instant message my cousins in Ohio. The “away message” was the original social media, way ahead of its time.

Enthusiasm, it fuels my creativity and gives me the energy to tackle difficult projects.

My grandfathers, both named Fred. One began his career selling sewing machines door-to-door and eventually became the Vice President of a steel company in Pennsylvania.

My other grandpa Fred was a school uniform salesman who didn’t agree with how the company ran, so he started his own.

I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Louie who I love dearly, but is also an absolute monster. I’m dedicating this question to the fallen chipmunks of my backyard.

The Host of a Game Show

The Jersey Shore but in a reality where it’s always warm.

“Hell in a Bucket” by the Grateful Dead.

I helped build an Ecommerce website for a popular children’s recording artist. I’ll miss working with that community but won’t miss those repetitive songs getting stuck in my head!