Tarun Shah

Account Manager

Bethesda, MD
San Diego State University
  • Fitness
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • PPC Advertising
  • IG Growth
Get To Know Tarun

Marketing Intern at Pacific Sothebys International Realty in La Jolla, CA

Breaking Bad

The Art of Impossible by Steven Kolter

New website creation
Advertising campaigns
Social media campaigns
Content creation, primary video, being my strength, and the edited thereof.

youtube.com – educational and informative videos to help me refine my skillset and learn the latest strategies in my field.
gmail – client work, meetings, business matters and personal matters, my email is extremely important to me.
trello.com – keeping tab of my notes/ daily to do’s to work towards my high hard goals.

A background of a few affirmations/daily reminders of mine that I ready every morning to stay on track towards my goals and work towards the macro/micro elements of furthering my personal and professional progression.

showing my mother google earth at roughly the age of 9 years old, finding it so astonishing how we could look at our home, or anywhere in the world at the press of a button.

Anything that pertains to speed, as I know that in business, speed is extremely important. The person who is able to solve challenges the fastest and resolve issues in the most streamlined, record breaking speed possible.

I am innately a super positive person, even when things are not going my way, I always seem to look at life through a glass half full. This is primarily because I have been lucky enough to travel the world and seen extreme poverty multiple times, so I know how much I have to truly be grateful for.
I have an unshakable perspective from these travels that I carry into my day to day life, so that next to nothing is able to phase me and I can remain utterly focused on the task at hand no matter how stressful work or life becomes. I have found that much of this stems from just being positive, as the mind is an extremely powerful tool that can either hold you back or serve you, and is all begins with your perspective.

My father. The man loves what he does and is genuinely stoked to go to into work every single day. He is a clinical researcher at the NIH and has been with them for 30 years. Much of my family, like my grandfather, also shares the same passion for their work, so I am blessed to have many positive role models who are all major success stories in each of their professional environments.

No, but I used to have an adorable Conton de Tulear named Vanilla (the cousin of the Bichon Frisé) however he passed about four years ago.

The one i’m in with SmartSites. I am truly so happy to be working with this wonderful organization. I had job offers from multiple other agencies but declined those offers once I was accepted onto the team, as landing this very role was my top choice and has been so for months. There is not any place or career id rather be doing, and I am fortunate to say that!

Bora Bora

Song: Nebula Artist: Backwhen it is my most listened to song, as it is extremely calming, thought provoking and just intuitively is an accurate expression of my exact vibe. I listen to it while I sleep and occasionally while working.

Batman: I know how to fight and practiced Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu for years, along with staying on top of my fitness and nutrition for the last decade, however, when the time calls for it, I love to dress in a three piece suit and tie and present myself as the true gentleman.

bondandshah.com – this was the website that my former business partner, Jared Bond (also working with SmartSites) created for our video production agency that we put a pause to.

Bali, Indonesia

Teaching business owners, or just a friend trying to gain influence on instagram, how to navigate the online realm, has been a passion and a strength of mine.
It all started when I began managing multiple instagram profiles at the age of 19 in various industries: top real estate teams, my campus Entrepreneur Society IG page, even a hip hop artistI realized that I knew how to grow a following, post engaging content, and stay consistent on social media platforms. I recognized that if you had this skillset, you are of high market value, as business are always looking for the latest and greatest to help their company grow. A few digital marketing positions later and creating my own former agency, I wanted to join an established, top rated agency and work with business owners every day to help them navigate anything pertaining to their digital footprint, so I set my eyes on SmartSites and did not give up until I was let in!