Stephanie Schwailik

Senior PPC Analyst

East Brunswick, NJ
Monmouth University
  • Music
  • Travelling
  • Baking
  • Sports
Get To Know Stephanie

Favorite TV show would be a tie between Community and Atlanta.

Favorite movie would have to be The Shawshank Redemption.

My favorite book is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I mostly enjoy the writing style where the narrator speaks in the third person, switching focus from character to character.

My favorite projects to work on are anything that’s based around teamwork. I enjoy   being able to get input from others and bounce ideas off each other. Two heads are better than one!

Easily Google. It has everything you need in one place!

Teleportation would be the best superpower to have. The option to never have to sit in traffic again can’t be passed up.

My parents inspire me to succeed. They have always believed in me and pushed me to do my best. I can only hope to one day pay them back for all they have done for me.

I have 4 dogs and 2 cats.

I would love to one day run my own non-profit to help out those struggling with homelessness.

Ideally I would love to be anywhere it’s warm year round since I hate the cold. Australia has always been a thought, but I could do without the bugs there.