Skylar Williams

Account Manager

  • Hikes
  • Gym
  • Reading
  • Traveling
  • Watching a good series on a streaming service
Get To Know Skylar

First job was delivering pizza as a Junior in High School

Favorite movie would be Gladiator. Favorite TV show is the Vampire Diary’s

Lightning Thief

Anything that brings people together to accomplish a goal, and the feeling of doing it well.

Crazy enough just YouTube.

Chicago. The city that I grew up next to

Learning how to type in elementary school

To be able to teleport anywhere by thinking of the destination

Charisma / Personality /

my girlfriend wants a big family and I need a lot money to make that happen

1 cat

I feel like having a job as an astrophysicist / astronaut would be incredible.


50 cent – 21 questions

Niklaus Mikaelson

I was involved in creating a website for my moms small business

Hiked up Pikes peak mountain