Serena Wellek

Social Media Project Manager

Niskayuna, NY
Union College
  • Hiking
  • Dancing
  • Cooking
Get To Know Serena

My first job was as a manager at a restaurant called Prima Pizza, I started as counter service and ended up working in the kitchen, bartending for them, training new hires, and then doing payroll. I kinda fell into a manager position but I loved it!

My favorite tv show is currently: Never Have I Ever because I’m obsessed with Mindy Kaling as a director and writer.

My favorite book is currently All the things we don’t talk about by Amy Feltman – it touches on the LGBT community, and current issues within that community while also being a heartfelt story about family.

I love a majority of projects! Anything that I can build a list for is especially my favorite – I love getting to organize and plan things out (its my favorite part of the process) the more detailed the better!,, (great for spreadsheet based work) and when its not work related? is the place to be!

I love co-workers who are so connected with each other when it comes to working styles and personality types. Coworkers that vibe together definitely thrive together.

My browser is set to Chrome! I’m a Google and Apple junkie and love the connectivity across machines and platforms it provides.

My first memory on the internet is playing math games on

I’m a huge MHA nerd so I’d have to say my dream superpower would be spontaneous organic creation!

A deep interest in social media and how to connect to the best algorithms per company as well as my adaptability skills.

A person I know would be my dad! He started from the ground up doing his own business and getting to grow up and see that was so inspirational. A Marketing Professional? Amber Spears! I got to meet her during an affiliate summit I went to in NYC, she’s a total boss in the marketing world and the nicest person ever.

Yes! I currently have a pomeranian puppy named Stede, Two hairless cats named Ed and Nico, and a Snowshoe Siamese Cat named Mochi! Im obsessed with all of them, and once I have a house with major land my partner and I want to get two Dalmations to live our best 101 Dalmation lives!

My goal has always been to have a career that I both think is unique as well as cool! I would have to say it would be a business owner, something where I can market myself as well as market something I’m proud of creating!

I would love to live in Florence, Italy to be closer to art from the 1400s to 1600s AD its my favorite era of art style.

Looking At Me by Sabrina Carpenter – it’s got the upbeat vibes I love while also being pro self-confidence.

Carmen ‘Carmy’ Berzatto from the show “The Bear” is so wildly passionate about business and family in a way that I just really understand and relate to.

I assisted creating content on

The most exotic place I’ve ever been to was India right after High School! I got to help a friend to compete in the Rickshaw Run where we got to mod our own Rickshaw and travel all across India in a race!