Sam Chadson Ng

Director of Content

Fort Lauderdale, FL
University of Florida
  • Dogs
  • Fishing
  • Travelling
  • Reading
Get To Know Sam

Well, my very first job would have to be a homework completion specialist. Kids used to pay me a few bucks for doing their homework.

I love all the X-Men series. For whatever reason, Magneto resonates with me the most.

Too many to name! I read everything from Shakespeare to Suzanne Collins and everything in between so it’s really torturous to ask me to name my favorite one.

Buzzfeed and YouTube. I’m a writing guy, but these visual websites get me through the day.

I don’t have to worry about getting bored! There are always fun and challenging projects for me to take on.

It was the time when everyone was getting on the IRC and I thought it would be a good way to meet chicks. I never did succeed though.

My family. They are a daily reminder of why I need to work hard. I simply want the best for them.

I currently have 2 dogs (1 French Bulldog and 1 Golden Retriever). The large dog takes up the job of the security guard for the house while the Frenchie bosses him around.

“Love, Me” by Colin Raye. I’m a nostalgic kind of guy when it comes to music.

Koh Phi Phi in Thailand where Leonardo DiCaprio stars in The Beach