Renee Holden

PPC Analyst

Ellicott City, Maryland
University of Maryland
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Swim lesson instructor
  • Gluten free baking
Get To Know Renee

My first job was as a swim instructor and lifeguard. My first swim class certification was to teach “Water babies,” where I helped kids six months – 2 years learn to float and blow bubbles.

My favorite movie is Hot Rod, which has many SNL celebs before they were famous. I’m pretty sure I know all the lines and it’s the only DVD I still own.

My favorite book is The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. I found this book mid-freshman year of college and owe all of my most effective study habits to its tips & tricks for forming habits.

I remember when YouTube came out in 2005. My parents told me to never go on YouTube alone but when they weren’t around I would go on YouTube to watch Mad TV clips. I was eventually caught when I learned they could see my search history.

I have helped many small B2B businesses and solopreneurs establish their online presence. I enjoy helping businesses communicate their unique value proposition and finding the audiences that will most benefit from their services.

My mom! My mom has been an elementary school teacher and librarian for many years. When she saw a need in our community for more STEM opportunities, she started a summer STEM camp out of our local community center. My sister and I still volunteer at her Terrapin STEM camp in Maryland, and I aspire to be someone who uses their entrepreneurial spirit to give back to my community.

I have two rescue cats, Mischa and Kingsley. Initially, I was only going to adopt one cat but was guilted into adopting two, which turned out to be perfect because they have lots of energy and play together all day.