Patrizia Medina

Project Manager

Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Hult International Business School
  • Cycling
  • Painting
  • Beach
Get To Know Patrizia

My first job was as a princess at kid’s parties. It was fun!

I love Friends. Sometimes I watch a random episode, and it always makes me laugh.

I think I don’t have an specific book as my favorite but I definitely love reading books about human minds, behavior, psychology, and health based on research and studies. It is interesting.

The types of projects that provides creative freedom to design a look and feel.

I still remember the first computer I had was a big 90s computer that looked like a box.

I love animals and in the past I’ve had a bunny, a chicken, a rescued baby monkey, a dog and right now I have three beautiful cats.

The first website I created was for a small business I started in my home country. A swimwear brand.

Aruba, is a constituent island of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.