Pamela Medina

Email Marketing Specialist

Manila, Philippines
Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines)
  • Travel
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Online Shopping
Get To Know Pamela

I was a Marketing Assistant at an E-commerce company.

I’m all about diving into fresh projects that have not been done before. Also count me in for anything related to Wellness, Food, and Real Estate – those things really get me going.

I lived through the dial-up internet era. I would spend hours chatting with my classmates on mIRC and playing Neopets.

Picture this: I’ve got super endurance so I don’t ever tire from all the tasks I set out to do. I would also like awesome healing powers to help out the sick.

I’ve been in client side, and rocked the agency side too. Now I can’t undo my keen sense of listening, and being able to know what clients and agencies are after in their projects – the goals they’re aiming for and the hurdles they’re facing.

My family ❤️

I just adopted a Yorkie and he is arriving at the end of the month. So excited to meet him!

Switzerland looks beautiful

I created a blog for my friend. I customized everything from the background to the navigation bar, cursor design, the works! It even had a chat box and background music playing. I guess this was cool back then.

Bali, Indonesia