Olivia Hendrzak

Senior Project Manager, eCommerce Lead

Mountainside, NJ
James Madison University
  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • Softball
  • Yoga
Get To Know Olivia

My favorite movie is Gone Girl, I really enjoy all of the author’s books so the movie was great!

I enjoy working on projects that really challenge me and push me to think beyond the norm.

I really enjoy the team atmosphere and the work hard environment.

My homepage is always set to Google because I can’t live without Google.

My superpower would be flying because then I could avoid traffic jams and slow walkers.

I would ultimately like to start my own nonprofit.

In London, I’ve always had a fascination with living there but I’ve still never been.

The most played song on my playlist is either Best for Last by Adele or any Amy Winehouse song. Those two artists are on constant repeat for me.

Olivia Pope from Scandal, she’s the best at problem solving.

My first website was to create a portfolio for myself in high school.