Madison Amos

PPC Analyst

Baton Rouge
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Get To Know Madison

Bakery Assistant

Hard to pick a favorite. My favorite right now would be Foundation on Apple TV

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

I love working on any project that is challenging and that I can walk away from knowing something new, whether it be about myself, the platform, or the project itself. and

Seascapes! I have it refresh daily to give me new aquatic backgrounds. I wanted to be a marine biologist in high school, but now I devote my free time to free diving and spear fishing when I can make it to the beach.

I was maybe three years old and remember sitting in my uncle’s lap while he played Star Wars: Rebel Assault 2. I had no idea what the game was about then, but I was obsessed with the spaceships and the sounds.

Flying and/or telekinesis

I have a fearless attitude and I’m not afraid to teach myself or find someone to teach me how to do things that I don’t know.

My dad.

Not at the moment, though my housemate has a dog and a cat.

Lookout Mountain Tennessee

Most played song: Hard Machine by PIG or Trouble About My Soul by The Trishas

Pidge Gunderson from Voltron