Luke Bieganek

Project Manager

Denver, Colorado
Colorado State University
  • Skiing
  • Playing Guitar
  • Exploring New Technology
Get To Know Luke

Ride Designs – A Wheelchair Seat Manufacturing Company putting together wheelchair seat parts

TV Show: Psych, Movie: Whiplash

Ender’s Game

Website Projects! I love to help business create their first impression on the internet.

Google, and YouTube – I can learn so much from those two. – I’m always interested in search and learning something new!

When I was 4, I always wanted to use my dad’s laptop to use Microsoft Paint.

The ability to speak any language and play all musical instruments flawlessly.

Creativity, leadership and an overall sense of wanting to help others!

I would say my brother. We always have talks that boost each other up and get each other inspired.

I have a betta fish!

CEO of Google! As a kid I always joked that one day I would own Google.

How can you beat Denver, Colorado?

Most played song: Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Chuck Bartowski from Chuck

Back when I was 13, I wanted to be a game developer, so I created some flash games and made a website so that people can play them!

I went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and got stung by a sea urchin!