Lottie Felkel

Senior Account Manager

Charleston, SC
University of South Carolina
  • Stargazing
  • Concerts
  • Hiking
  • Archibald
Get To Know Lottie

Working in my father’s real estate office pulling property cards and plat information from the GIS and county office websites

Moulin Rouge or Across the Universe … (the soundtracks get me)

Google; apod.nasa.gov; bandsintown.com

Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love

So far, the positive and encouraging vibes of my colleagues

Google, because I just downloaded Chrome to this computer and haven’t changed it yet; though, it is quite practical.

Teleportation through time and space

Archibald Windsor Bartholomew, my loving and incredibly sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He’s all of 30lbs (a bit over the breed standard, as I am often reminded) and somehow is afraid of cereal boxes. Weird, I know.

My father. He was always persistent with his work, strived to be the best, and took pride in being his own person. He was also not afraid to take calculated risks and was extremely future-oriented.

Professional Travel Blogger, who somehow was able to make a living while visiting the most random and amazing places across the world.

I’d likely be that person who says, “the Greek Isles”, then I’d be there for a year or so and realize, “No, it must be… Mongolia, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil, or maybe the Philippines?”…. Surprisingly enough, I’m happy here in Asheville, NC. Who’d have known?

Blue in Green (Take 2) by Bill Evans Trio

Black sand beaches and caves on Maui, when I lived on Oahu; island hoppers were the best–who doesn’t love the complimentary POG juice??