Kymber Heinze

Director of Social Media

Enid, Oklahoma
Baker College of Auburn Hills
  • Gardening
  • Camping
  • Finding New Trails
  • Walking on Trails
  • Biking on Trails
Get To Know Kymber

Hostess at the local diner!

Anything with drama – murder mystery shows, detective shows, medical dramas. Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident, Good Doctor, Bones, NCIS LA
I’m as #basic as they come 😉

Anything Dr. Suess or Kids Science Books – mom life! In my spare time I do not have, I would love to read more murder mystery novels.

Complex ones. I see my job as a puzzle – what pieces do I need to make the bigger picture happen? I love the taking something from beginning to end and problem solving along the way.

Zulily, Target, Amazon

Again, totally basic.

Everyones drive to do better and keep learning. We all have the same goal so it makes working together on projects easy. Also, everyone I work with has a great sense of humor and we relate on more than a professional level.

Currently, nothing.

Aol Messenger was the best thing ever!

Fly! I’m really impatient and like to be able to move fast.

My uncanny ability to multi task within multiple services and create effective and creative solutions to anything thrown my way.

My kids. In particular, my girls. They will be raised in a house where they see hard work pays off and they CAN have it all: family life and a successful career.

A bearded dragon named Lizzie.

Professional baby snuggler. Babies are just so sweet, innocent and they don’t talk back yet.

Right where I am at – West Michigan. Beaches, trails, falls and some amazing cities. This state fills everything I want.

No particular song, but I love anything rap or 90s rap.

Lorelei Gillmore – she’s so witty and always thinking on her feet!

Germany. We stayed in this little town near the Black Forest. It was quaint and like a completely different world than we are used to in the US. Their lifestyle is a complete 180.