Kayla Kearse

Project Manager

Virginia Beach
George Mason University
  • Going to Gym
  • Gaming
  • Creating Visual Art
Get To Know Kayla

My first industry-related job was working for the Greater Williamsburg Chamber and Tourism Alliance after I graduated college, where I promoted local businesses and organizations as a PR professional. I had a great time getting to know business owners in the area and advertising Williamsburg as a top historical destination in the country.

I love all the Studio Ghibli films for the nostalgia! I also unironically love Twilight, don’t @ me.

Not sure if I can name one specific favorite, but I am currently reading The Talisman by Stephen King.

Creative projects of all kinds where I can put my eye for art and design to use!

Neopets— the real ones know.

The people that I work with always motivate me— when I see people around me doing awesome work, it makes me want to be my absolute best, too!

I have a 100 pound dog named Leo!