Ivy Khuc

PPC Analyst, Enterprise Specialist

Temple, Texas
The University of Texas at Austin
  • Cooking
  • Tennis
  • Dancing
Get To Know Ivy

My favorite book is “The Glass Castle”. It’s a coming of age story about a girl in poverty and overcoming her issues and pushing her boundaries to reach success. I’ve read this book throughout different parts of my life and I relate to it differently every time.

I cannot live without YouTube, there is so much entertainment and educational videos that could last me a lifetime of fun and learning.

Talking to my friends on Yahoo messenger, ranking friends on my Top 10 friends list on MySpace, and downloading questionable music Limewire.

My two grandmothers who immigrated from Vietnam to the US to provide a meaningful life to multiple generations in my family.

I have one chonky cat.

I would live in Vietnam because I could speak the language and it would be more affordable to live long term.

All of the songs from Paramore’s After Laughter Album

I created my parents’ website for their business.

Vietnam! Nothing more exotic than the monkeys trying to steal your fruit during a picnic on top of the mountains.