Isaly Ferguson

Social Media Manager

Eastern Illinois University & Tiffin University
  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Visiting Museums
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The Sound Of Music

The Alchemist

Copywriting and something with graphic designing.

Reddit, Etsy and Amazon


My earliest internet memory would be coding my myspace page in highschool.

To be able to touch someone and use their powers for as long as I want to

I am someone that not only has social media experience but I am a great coworker.

My partner and my future self

Sadly no.

I already have my dream job — I get to be remote doing something that I am passionate about.

Some place sunny and with forests. I can’t decide which location just yet (:

The most played song would have to be Karma by Taylor Swift.

I would be Santiago from The Alchemist. He traveled to find himself and got a chance to understand the world around him.

Loops 4 Producers

A butterfly exhibit in Branson, MI.