Emily Parada

Project Manager

Ocala, FL
University of Florida
  • Writing
  • Running
  • Watching stand up comedy
Get To Know Emily

Currently – Ready Player One – I am a huge sucker for post-apocalyptic/futuristic/sci-fi media. Everything from the soundtrack of the movie to the limitless possibilities of living in a VR world..I am here for it!

Untamed by Glennon Doyle – I think (hope?) most people have a book that has completely changed the course of their life and the way they think about and view the world. This book did that for me. Through a series of short stories, Glennon shares her own history, struggles with addiction, and personal life experiences, dissects which experiences began to ‘tame’ her in the ways of our modern world, and explains why and how abandoning yourself to fit the mold created for us by society is one of the saddest most dangerous things we can do to ourselves. Powerful is an understatement. It is my touchstone book and I highly recommend it.

My superpower would be teleportation (and I can take people with me just by touching them). I really don’t know if there is anything more convenient than this – especially because time is the most precious commodity!

My children – I want to give them the most beautiful life possible. I also show them that success can mean many different things for many different people and there is no right or wrong way to be successful as long as you feel fulfilled and like you’re making a difference.

Yes, a 1 yr old Golden Retriever (Cuba) and an 8 yr old Great Pyrenees (Arlo)! These fur babies are 100% a part of our family. I love taking Cuba on runs with me and she brightens everyone’s day. Arlo is the protector of the house/property, and nothing makes him happier than patrolling the yard on a chilly night with some precious rubs and cuddles!

If I wouldn’t have started my family so young, I think I would love to have been an international personal shopper. I have always loved fashion but love even more connecting with people, figuring out what they like and what their personal style is, and helping them shape and achieve that personal style!

What song describes my life? – Bittersweet symphony by The Verve

London – I don’t know if I would qualify London as exotic, but it definitely felt other worldly compared to FL lol!