Eleanore Ryan

PPC Analyst

Los Angeles, CA
UC Davis
  • Traveling
  • Bike rides on the beach
  • Collecting rocks
  • Trying new restaurants
  • Watching/attending sporting events
Get To Know Eleanore

Hostess at an Italian restaurant when I was 17

Grey’s Anatomy – favorite tv show Forest Gump – favorite movie

The Scrabble dictionary

I like challenging projects that involve critical thinking and collaboration with other team members.

Google, Amazon, YouTube

I think it’s just the Google search page?

The computer game Sims & AIM


I’m a great communicator, team player, and try to always stay positive with a forward-thinking mindset

Definitely my parents, especially my mom!

Not currently but looking to get a golden retriever soon


Italy, Greece, or Costa Rica

My most played songs change probably every month but one of my favorites that never gets old is Coastin’ by Zion I

Dory from Finding Nemo

I believe the first website I helped with was for one of my home improvement clients when I first became a CSS

Ibiza, Spain