David Wieland

Senior PPC Analyst, Enterprise Specialist

Lincoln, California
San Diego State University
  • Playing and Watching Sports
  • Traveling
  • Wineries or Breweries
Get To Know David

I worked at the City pool and made $9/hr in 2001 (not bad).

This is tough as a film grad, Favorite show is probably South Park.

“Jeter Unfiltered”

Anything creative!

YouTube and Twitter

Good energy!

So far the people I have met seem amazing.

Google because of my comfort with Google.

Oh wow, probably waiting on dial-up back in the day and doing AOL chat.

As a comicbook nerd this is tough, hmmm, I’d love mental powers like Dr. Strange.

Getting the job! Joining the team.

I think I always look for creative solutions and I thrive in a team setting!

My Dad is my hero. I talk to him almost daily.

I have one rescue mutt. She’s been with me for 11 years. Her name is Penny Lane.

I love making indie films.

Probably Munchen, Germany where my family is originally from.

Probably “Thousand Bad Times” by Post Malone.

Daredevil from Marvel Comics.

The company is no longer in business but it was called JLM Energy. We went with a very Apple style theme.

Probably Maui. I did play baseball all over the island of Puerto Rico as well though.