Charles Harris

Project Manager

San Diego, California
Grossmont College
  • Reading
  • Riding electric mobility devices
  • Working out at the gym
Get To Know Charles

I worked as a security guard for The Bridges in Del Mar, California.

My favorite movie is I, Robot and my favorite tv show is Mr. Robot

Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

The best projects to work on are the projects that allow me to work with great team members on a tough problem, and helping each other to grow in the process. The bonding from that is something you can’t describe professionally.,,,

When I was given my dad’s old computer in my room but it wasn’t connected to the internet. It had games on it that I played a lot. Then I would borrow computer games from Blockbuster and play games like Backyard Baseball.

A dog named Shadow

I would be a scientist on top secret cryptographic technology at MIT

I would live in Point Loma, California

September 21 by Kaytranada

I would want to be the Reverse Flash from DC Comics.

The first website I helped to create was for a startup named Koriist based in La Jolla, California.

There is a place in Mexico that has many-levels of mystique…but I can’t give away it’s name šŸ˜‰