Caleb Belmont

Email Marketing Specialist

Tampa, FL
Ohio Dominican University // University of Tampa
  • Concerts
  • Hockey Games
  • Traveling
  • Running
Get To Know Caleb

My first ‘job’ was a reselling business I started back in high school reselling things shoes, clothes, supreme, etc,

My favorite movie would have to be American Sniper and my favorite show is Outer Banks.

I really enjoy creating product launch email marketing campaigns. It takes a lot of creativity, thinking, and planning to properly execute a new product launch campaign for a ecommerce store.

Youtube, Netflix, and StockX

The first thing that comes to mind would have to be getting home from school and running straight to my Xbox to get online and play video games with my friends back in middle school.

It would 1000% be to be able to fly. I’ll be able to travel whenever and wherever I want for free, and also be able to avoid Tampa traffic.

My background with working with a variety of ecommernce brands where I marketed and wrote copy to various demographics and niches is what makes me unique.

The main people that inspire me the most everyday is my parents. I am extremely thankful and fortunate to have such great role models in my life that I look up to and want to make proud. They have always supported me in everything that I have done. I also look up to someone by the name of Iman Gadzhi, he is the person that sparked my interest in the Digital Marketing world back when I was a college student not knowing what career path I wanted to go down.

Yes, I have a little stubborn shih tzu named Gussy that loves to go on coffee runs & beach trips.

This position is truly the type of position I was dreaming of. I love being able to work with different clients around the world, and also work with different business’s in different niches. Everyday I get to sign-in and work on something different. My dream would be to help market for a professional sports team, a boxer, etc. I would probably offer my services for free in exchange for season tickets.

Where I live now! Two years ago I moved from Ohio to Tampa FL! It was always my dream to move down here to paradise and enjoy the FL weather and beaches. I experienced an instant shift in my overall mood living in the sunshine state! Tampa is definitely home to me now.

The most played song on my playlist would be any song by A Boogie or Rod Wave! I can’t think of one in particular.

Iron Man! Ever since I saw him drive an Audi r8 in the first movie, that has been my dream car ever since!

I would say the most exotic place I’ve visited would be Aruba! I love to vacation to different Caribbean islands and have been on a few cruises, so I always enjoy spending a day touring a different Caribbean island.