Brittany Hyatt

Project Manager

Cleveland, Ohio
University of Arizona Global
  • Reality TV
  • Boybands
  • Traveling
  • Cleveland Baseball
Get To Know Brittany

I worked at McDonald’s at 16! My hiring manager claimed she hired me because I favored Clay Aiken over Ruben Studdard to win American Idol that year (that night was the finale, actually!) She favored him, too. Spoiler alert, we were both wrong. 😉

Ted Lasso! I’m late to the Lasso train but my heart is happier with each and every episode. If you need a virtual hug and a feel-good show, I highly recommend it. Other than Ted, any sort of terrible reality television that shuts my brain off at the end of the day, I’m likely a huge fan of.

Daisy Jones & The Six! Highly recommend the audiobook for it, too.

ClickUp! I use it for my professional and personal commitments, so I don’t double book and can plan my time accordingly. As much as I love writing everything down, if it doesn’t get out of my notebook and somewhere online for me to easily reference, it simply won’t happen!

I taught myself HTML from a random Geocities website. Then, I used what I learned to add coding to AOL profiles to customize them for people for money when I was a teenager. Those talents soon moved to MySpace. I was unstoppable… until Facebook came along!

Does neon color hair count? Or, the hopes that the Cleveland Guardians might snag a World Series championship while I’m alive? Other than that, I always try to bring a sense of humor and ease to my clients and co-workers. I like being the “go to” person and if my job can make someone else’s life a bit easier, then I’m happy.

My dad! He’s been my #1 fan since day one. He pushed me to get my first job (McDonald’s), my second job (Target) and I even applied for my third one just to prove to him that I couldn’t get it because I felt like it was too good for me. He won. Any time I have a business or personal success, he’s the first to know.

Yes! Sunny, my 6 year old pitbull mix, is my unofficial co-worker here in my home office. She watches the neighborhood, barks at the Amazon truck on the daily and naps the rest of the time. Truly a rough (ruff) life she has!

My music playlist will always include nostalgic boyband bops. But, the song that most accurately describes my life is, “Making It Up” by Jason Mraz. He’s one of my all-time favorites. The song describes how none of us really know what we’re doing in our lives, but that’s okay because it’s one thing we all have in common. Make it up as you go and don’t be so hard on yourself (or others) if you get it wrong sometimes.

I designed one back in my first year of college for my high school Rockology (Study of Rock & Roll music) teacher. Interestingly enough, I went back to do a Career Day talk with his class last year!