Project Manager, Franchise Lead

Niagara Falls, NY
Niagara University
  • Traveling
  • Crafting
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Cooking
Get To Know Brianna

My first job was as a cashier at Whistle Pig, a small mom and pop restaurant in my hometown. They are sadly out of business now but their cheese fries and milkshakes were out of this world!

I love any projects that are challenging and force me to go out of my comfort zone. I feel that is the best way to grow both, personally and professionally.

Google!! I am a naturally curious person and I love learning. I am constantly researching to know about everything and anything. I am hands down the “Did you know…?” kinda friend.

My mom. As a single parent, she has undoubtedly sacrificed so much to give me a wonderful life. She has always taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to and I have always done just that.

Yes! I have three fur children. Two pitbulls, Rondo and Kobe and my cat’s name is Chloe. They are all my very best friends. If you ever get the chance to meet them expect to be cuddled or licked to death 🙂

Mexico. I went to Cabo San Lucas with my college for a mission trip. The people, culture, scenery and food was amazing and was the first place I fell in love with traveling. It is still my favorite place I’ve been so far.