Anita Kostadinov

Chief Client Officer

Paramus, NJ
University of Applied Sciences Campus02 – Graz, Austria
  • Exercise
  • Baking
  • Travelling
  • Photography

A special thank you to Anita K. and Vaskar N. You two are the best. Thank you for everything!!!

Ilan Fulop
Rockville Interiors

Anita is a wonderful person to work with!

Plant Guru
John Serrano
Plant Guru

Anita, Mike and Alex are true business leaders, visionaries and web experts. They took the time to understand our strategy, our insights, and our business goals.

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Kevin Burns
Get To Know Anita

I really love all Cecilia Ahern books – she has an ability to make you see the best in other people as well as yourself. The perfect combination of hope, love and a little bit of magic!

The ones that surprise me! Projects that seem to have a small potential and are challenging at first, but then turn out to be the most successful ones.

Everyone is passionate about what they are doing – this creates a fantastic team of enthusiastic and inspiring people. 🙂

I remember when I discovered Google’s power for the first time – “These Google people are so smart, they know EVERYTHING!” I was searching for random things for hours…

I would be able to cure people of all diseases on the world… no needles used – just hugs!

I am a born fighter. Challenges don’t scare me, but motivate me to go beyond my comfort zone and become better. That’s how you broaden your horizons and grow personally!

Do ants count? Oh wait – we have wild bunnies in our backyard.

On a peaceful, exotic island (maybe Maldives?) surrounded by my family and best friends…

Don’t worry, be happy! No matter what I am going through – it will always make my day brighter and create a smile on my face! Listen to it and try to stay grumpy… Not easy hm? 🙂

Thailand. I will never forget the feeling of riding an elephant, the smell of wild orchids, the spicy food and the secret behind “Thailand is the land of smiles”… 🙂